Sunday brunch aside, what could turn your weekend into the best part of the week you ask? A pampering session of course! Lined up for me on this cold but beautiful saturday morning at BW Beauty was a Shellac manicure and a swedish massage. The salon is situated within the […]

Saturday Pampering at BW Beauty.

This weekend I found myself in the East End of Glasgow, following the Gallowgate all the way down to the Barras area. For people familiar with the city, the Barras Market tends to rhyme with bargain goods and indescribable ‘vintage’ jumble. However, this Sunday I wasn’t looking to buy the […]

Design, Style and creative engagement at the Barras.

For many of us, Sunday means that our mega-chill out mode is ON. For me, Sunday evenings also mean that I take time for a face mask; somehow it feels like I am ‘rebooting’ my skin for the week ahead. Lately I have found myself  using five face masks in […]

Sunday Face Mask : My Top Five.

Ah, Breakfast. Notice the capital ‘B’. Breakfast is easily for me the best meal of the day – and although I work the 9 to 5 five times a week, I always make sure that I start the day with something tasty. Though for convenience, the weekday breakfasts often consist […]

Vegan French Toast – Sunday Breakfast

“Every new life calls for a life to be lost. The equilibrium of the world must be maintained. Are you willing to accept the risk?”   Such are the words pronounced by a Necromancer at the onset of Matteo Garrone’s film, straight away setting it in a fairytale landscape.   […]

What’s showing? – ‘Tale of Tales’

I know that I already professed my love for Autumn in my last blogpost but let’s go straight for round two shall we? Over the last couple of weeks, the weather in Glasgow has been surprisingly delightful; very cold but dry and often sunny. If I was to add another […]

Green Envy.

Gather around dear people of the interwebs, today I have a confession to make. *anxiously taking a deep breath* My name is Audrey and I’ll admit it, I’m a Fall-aholic (or as we would say in the UK an Autumn-aholic, although admittedly the alternative version sounds better). Yes it is […]

Five Things – The Autumn Edit.

I am finally home for a short holiday! Those who follow me on Instagram might now that although I have been living in Glasgow for 3 years now, I am French with my parents living in the area of Strasbourg. This part of France is very close to Germany, and […]

German Face Off.