I’m Audrey, writer of The Gingerelle.

5 things to know about me :

  • I was born in France but I have been living in Scotland since September 2012 and literally fell in love with it! Being a quarter German as well, I cannot help being a convinced European at heart!
  • I am a huge TV series geek! So much so that I completed a Master’s degree in Film & TV studies with a final dissertation on Contemporary TV Series Adaptations. I now work in Post Production.
  • I collect two things (some would say to a rather compulsive level!) : nail polishes and mugs. I could never have enough of them!
  • I am what I like to call a flexi-vegan – I am a vegetarian who eats vegan 80% of the time.
  • I am obsessed with all things fashion & beauty! I could spend hours on end in front of my computer or on my Iphone reading blogposts or watching Youtube videos about it. And when I’m not glued to my screen, chances are I’m deeply immersed in a magazine!
  • Finally, I am an absolute FOODIE! When I am not cooking myself, my favorite hobby is looking for the best food spots in town!