Five Things – The Autumn Edit.


Gather around dear people of the interwebs, today I have a confession to make.

*anxiously taking a deep breath*

My name is Audrey and I’ll admit it, I’m a Fall-aholic (or as we would say in the UK an Autumn-aholic, although admittedly the alternative version sounds better).

Yes it is true, I am one of those people for whom autumn is the season they look the most forward to. Don’t get me wrong; this does not mean I don’t like summer (in fact, I’m still trying to find out what happened to its 2015 Scottish edition …), but some things about Autumn make me excited every year when we finally reach the end of September.

Although I could talk about the beauty of this season for days on end, I thought I would share with you five things I love the most about the autumnal time.

First stop : cosy nights in.

Autumn ultimately means that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Some might only see it as a time where you’re feeling depressed, longing for those never ending summer days, worrying about not getting enough sunlight. On the contrary, at the prospect of longer nights I would say rejoice! Indeed, see it this way: longer evenings mean that you can finally get to concentrate on yourself and do all the things you postponed during the latest months.

For me the perfect autumnal evening means lighting a nice scented candle, read a good book and have a mini “home spa” routine.

The second thing would be a perfect addition to a cosy night in, that is great season inspired food. It’s time to say welcome back to an array of orange food! Pumpkin soup, butternut squash bake, and clementines are all main features in my autumn diet.


To this I would add the fig obsession I seem to have developped over the past weeks; I simply cannot get enough of them! In my morning porridge, pan fried with honey on ricotta toasts or in that heavenly almond and fig tart from Cottonrake.



Thirdly, on the fashion front I have to say that autumnal colours are perhaps some of the most enjoyable to me. Being a red head, those deep and warm tones seems to go quite well with my complexion and hair colour (or so I hope it does!). This past weekend I have been so excited to update my wardrobe; I tried to downsize it to a capsule collection, only keeping pieces I think I would get the most wear out of and giving the rest to charity shops where they will find a more loving home.

But above clothes, autumn for me means the ultimate return of the boots! I truly think they are the most versatile shoes ever; jeans, dress or skirt, they go with everything! Special mention for those beautiful Miss KG ankle boots I found on sale this weekend. I cannot wait to style them up!


Along with autumn fashion, comes autumn makeup. I am so glad to start wearing very dark berry lips and black toned nailpolish again! Stay tuned for a full Autumn Make Up Edit very soon on the blog!


Finally, perhaps a rather peculiar thing to do when the temperature is slowly starting to drop, but I am welcoming back the lob (i.e. the long bob). I (re-)took the plunge and cut my hair quite short again. I don’t know what it is about this season, but I find that a short hairstyle does really compliment autumnal fashion and beauty trends! What do you think?


So here they are, five things that make me this little bit more happy to welcome Autumn. What about yourself? What are you looking forward to the most this season? Comment below!

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