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I am finally home for a short holiday! Those who follow me on Instagram might now that although I have been living in Glasgow for 3 years now, I am French with my parents living in the area of Strasbourg. This part of France is very close to Germany, and in fact a lot of people go working and shopping (!) on the other of the border everyday.

Me being me, the first thing I had to check out when I got home was the novelties in the beauty section of the german drugstore.

I have to say that I have a huge soft spot for the german concept of ‘drogerie’ ; think UK answer to Boots and Superdrug but with huge healthy/veggie/vegan food sections and tones of amazingly affordable make up.

I would say that my favorite brands are probably Catrice, P2 (drogerie giant DM’s own brand) and Essence.

For my first ‘rummage’ of the drogerie make up aisles, I chose to get the face base covered; meaning foundation, concealer and lipstick.

For foundation, I stumbled upon the Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation from Catrice. This number seemed right up my alley as it promesses to “visibly brightens pigmentation marks (…) instantly covers colour irregularities and redness for a silky-matt, smooth skin tone“. Add to this an SPF of 25 and that was me convinced to try it!


I haven’t tried out this foundation for a long enough period of time to properly comment on its ‘skin healing’ abilities, but as a first impression review, I can safely say that I really like it! First good point, the colour range; finally a Catrice foundation which proposes a light enough shade for my pale complexion (005 Even Ivory). The coverage is definitely on the medium side of the spectrum, but is totally buildable to a full coverage.

As for the promess on covering redness, I have to say it delivers pretty well! I think I have added a new favorite to my foundation collection!

Next stop, concealer. And there again, I think I have pretty much hit the jackpot! I chose to give P2 Mattifying Perfection a go, and I was not dissapointed.


It is packaged in a classic plastic tube and comes with a standard dofus applicator. While applying it, I instantly thought about the infamous Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection; it is maybe a little bit thinner which for me is actually a good thing! Thus I find that it blend easily and stays on very well throughout the day. At 2,95€ a pop, I am definitely going to stock up on those before going back to the UK!

The final section I was really eager to check out in DM was the new Trend it Up counter; I believe this new DM own make up brand was launched back in the summer. The concept behind it is that collections stay on the shelves for a shorter period of time in order to alwaysoffer up to date beauty products and innovations, with concepts and colours directly inspired by the current fashion and trends. I chose to trial test the brand with an Ultra Matte lipstick, in a very automnal dark berry shade 020.


First of all, I really really like the packaging; as per the brand motto ‘Be a Voice. Not an Echo‘, it is very slick and minimalist which I love.

The lipstick in itself is a lovely fall inspired berry shade; I chose matte as it is the finish of lipstick I prefer but I know that depending on the formulation, it can be very drying and uncomfortable. However the Trend it Up lipstick is neither, and I found the overhaul wear and lasting power to be pretty good. I cannot wait to try other colours from the range!

What about your own make up bargain tips? Share them by commenting below!

In the meantime, I’ll be shortly crossing the border again to find more gems in the drogerie aisles …


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