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Happy Sunday everyone!

Sunday mornings are always for me a moment in the week when I get to take some time to ‘concentrate’ on myself; lie in bed reading a magazine, cooking a wonderful stack of blueberry pancakes, watching Youtube videos …

It is also a time when I like to ‘plan’ the week I have ahead of me; get the boring household chores out of the way (cleaning, do the washing,etc) as well as the not so boring ones (everyone else is excited at the thought of meal planning or is it just me?!).

But the one thing I LOVE to do on a Sunday morning is to come up with a good wishlist!

As I love to search blogs to get some inspiration for fashion, beauty, food and general goodies, I thought I would make this post a weekly category on mine.

So here it is, my Wishlist n°1!


1. Sittning Tealight holder, Ikea. £3.


Yes, I am one of those blogger who gets excited by a great scenting candle. Even more tragic, I think I actually get more excited by the a great looking candle holder. Those marble effect tealight holders from Ikea’s new collection SITTNING totally do the trick for me! And at £3 the piece it would be a great ‘on a budget’ addition to a home decor! I am soon to go on a little trip to Ikea to discover the rest of the collection which looks beautiful fall inspired.



2. Cream Lip Colour, H&M. £7,99.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been this impatient to get my hand on a new beauty item like those H&M lipstick! Indeed, this week the scandinavian fashion retailer re-launched its beauty line and it looks FA-BU-LOUS! First, I confess that I am a sucker for good packaging (aren’t we all?!) and this collection absolutely nails it for me. Just like those cream lipstick, the whole line looks sleek, modern and classy. The prices have slightly increased but still stay very reasonable; I will report on the quality when I finally get my hands on those babies! In the meantime you can click here to discover the entire new range which looks very promising indeed!


3. Vegetable Spiralizer, Lakeland. £27,99.


Yep, I’ll admit that I might be a *tad* late on this one, but I have recently been obsessed with courgettis! They are so quick to throw together and to add flavour to, perfect for those quick after work dinners when you cannot be bothered to throw together a complicated recipe! I have been buying mine from Tesco but really looking into investing into a spiralizer to make my own. It will also allow me to get creative and try to spiralize other things than courgettes; I am currently thinking about apples cinnamon matchstick crisps… Yes, definitely need to invest!


4. Legendary Engineered Waterfall Leggings, Nike. £85.


I have recently signed up to a local gym and thus I am currently trying loads of different fitness class in order to find what works for me (more on that in a future blogpost!). Me being me, exercising also means nice gear! Isn’t it more motivating to workout in a nice ensemble rather than old sweats? I spotted those Nike leggings on their website and fell in love with the design. Only downside is the price! I am still rumaging the internet for a good dupe, so if you have an idea where to find it, leave me a comment in the comment section below 🙂



5. Long Knit Scarf, 1 Other Stories. £55.


One thing we cannot ignore here in Glasgow is that fall season is definitely upon us! The air is becoming a little more chilly and with it the dreaded scottish gusts of wind have reappeared! I won’t complain to much though, as I have to confess that with spring, fall is probably my favourite season. The fashion, the colors, … it just gets me! So bring it on Scotland, me and my grey marl based wardrobe we will be ready! One fall inspired item I have been lusting after has been this long knit scarf from my favourite store in the world, & Other Stories. A pretty steep expense at £55 a pop, but on this occasion I might either save up for it or keep an eye out for a good discount code!


6. Seafolly Jacket, Seasalt. £89,95.


Finally the last item on my wishlist goes hand in hand with n°5; more than the gusts of wind, a scottish fall also rhymes with heavy downpours. Waterproof clothing is a MUST. But that does not mean it should not be fashionable 🙂 I am currently looking for a fisherman mac, preferably yellow or blue; worn with a great pair of jeans and a pair of chelsea boots I find it the perfect easy yet stylish combo! Same as for the Nike leggings, I had my eye on this one for quite a while now but I am still looking for a more budget friendly dupe. If you know some, don’t hesitate to point me in there direction!


So here it is, my first weekly wishlist! I would love to here about your current obsessions, be it fashion, food, or beauty. So go crazy and comment below!

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